The Birder's Inn
The Birder's Inn
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Situated at the confluence of the Gambhir and Banganga rivers in the Bharatpur district...
The serene location of The Birder's Inn in Bharatpur near the Keoladeo Ghana National Park ....
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After Feredunkenar in Iran, Bharatpur is the last known wintering ground for the....
Preferably wear neutral colours (green or earth tones). In warm weather. ....
Located in quiet and peaceful surroundings, The Birder's Inn is very close to the entrance ...
Bharatpur profile and how The Birder's Inn is the perfect base for excursions around Bharatpur to expand your wildlife itinerary...

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Deeg (39 Km)
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Chambal Safari
Jaipur (175 Km)
Ranthambhore (240 Km)
Painted Storks, Bhartpur
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Fact File

  State : Rajasthan
  Area : 29 sq. km
  Altitude : 174 m above mean sea level
  Vegetation : Semi arid and marshes
  Water resources : Canals, sluices and dykes
  Winter : November to mid-February
  Summer : April to June
  Monsoon : July to September
  Rainfall : 662 mm


Temperature : Min 5°C, Max 47°C

What to wear
Keoladeo Ghana National ParkPreferably wear neutral colours (green or earth tones). In warm weather, wear light cotton clothing, rain gear in wet weather and woolens/jackets in cold weather. You must carry binoculars and camera.

The park is open from July to April (closed May and June) and each season unfolds a new facet of the park, making it great to visit at any time.

July - September: The nesting season begins with the onset of the monsoon and this is a time when bird species like Painted Stork, Open-bill Stork and Eurasian Spoonbill are breeding by the thousands.

Oct - March: This is the peak season, when the weather is great, the migratory birds arrive on their annual visit to the park and the park is at its busiest.

End Feb - end March: This is when the winter visitors begin to depart and your last chance to see them until they return for the next winter.