Meet The Birder's Inn Team

Your Host and Resident Naturalist

Tirath Singh

An Arts Graduate from Rajasthan and a diploma holder in Nature & Wildlife Interpretation, these days Tirath may be found polishing his knowledge in Keoladeo National Park or overseeing The Birder's Inn. He is passionate about wildlife and wilderness and over the past decade has guided many wildlife and cultural groups for local and overseas tour companies such as Indian Nature Tours, Natural Focus Safaris Australia, Cox & Kings UK, International Expeditions USA, Eco Expeditions USA and the Boston Museum of Science, USA. Tirath also has assisted a number of filming teams on their shoots throughout India. He has explored many of the major National Parks and Sanctuaries of the Indian Sub-Continent and is a keen amateur nature photographer. Tirath and his enthusiastic team look forward to welcoming you to The Birder's Inn.

Our Resident Naturalists

Pradeep Singh

Born & Bought up in Bharatpur. Pradeep has been working as an ornithologist for the last 12 years. Pradeep though holds a bachelor's degree in Humanities, preferred to pursue his career as a naturalist cum ornithologist as he developed interest in mammals and birds since his high school years. Pradeep enhanced his professional skills by taking up training workshop on communication skills and working in a premium lodge in Kanha as naturalist for 8 years. In addition, he has travelled throughout India and has assisted with several research projects. Pradeep friendly disposition together with good birding knowledge has contributed to many successful holidays. You will find him a very pleasant and knowledgeable travelling companion. In his spare time Pradeep likes to spend time with family back home in Bharatpur and play cricket and try and find new destinations for birds as per his interest.

Brijendra Singh

A walking encyclopaedia on birds, plants, reptiles and much more, Brijendra's immense knowledge of birdlife and flora is second to none. Over the past 25 years he has assisted many famous Ornithologists on their particular research projects in Keoladeo, working along side the likes of Dr Salim Ali, world renowned raptor expert William 's Clark, Dr. Lalita Vijayan (study on Siberian Cranes) and Prof. P.Sunder Murti for on Nesting of Land birds. Brijendra is the first person to identify the nest of the Indian Spotted Eagle in Keoladeo National Park. He has also studied the breeding habits of Harriers in Velavadar in Gujarat. Even though having not completed his High School, Brijendra received an offer from a leading University as a Guest Lecturar due to his vast knowledge in identifying and documenting around 350 species of plants in and around Bharatpur.

Rachit Singh

Born and bought up in the Paradise of Birds in Bharatpur Rajasthan. Rachit has been working as an ornithologist for the last 9-10 years. After completing an Arts Degree from Rajasthan, University, he further got himself a Diploma In Nature & Wildlife Interpretation from the Forest Department of Rajasthan Whilst Continuing Birding & Trekking by BNHS, and in addition travelling to many parks and regions of India with different lodges and leading Wildlife and Cultural tours. Rachit is passionate about Wildlife and Wilderness. Rachit's knowledge of Birds and flora and fauna makes him one of our best guides. He has worked with various wildlife resorts to promote responsible tourism and he has helped to identify New destinations as well. Also he has assisted Wildlife Parks in Various censuses Such as Annual Tiger Census in Kanha. Beside work Rachit also likes to spend his time going to bird sanctuaries and reading books and spending time with family.

His work in the field of conservation has been featured in many wildlife books and Magazines.

He is passionate about Wildlife and Conservation and his endeavor is to inspire people to respect, admire & conserve Nature and it's myriad creations.

Lakshmi Mudgal

Perhaps no one knows Bharatpur better than Lakshmi (or Panditji), who was born in Bharatpur's Jatoli village located inside the national park. He started voluntary work with the Forest Department in 1976, was involved in the Bharatpur Bird Census and began an official post with the department in 1982. He has delivered a lecture at the University of Kent on Tourism & Conservation: 'Changing character of Keoladeo Ghana' and wrote a paper on 'Geese of Keoladeo' for Sanctuary Magazine. In 1984, Lakshmi did a study on Lesser Florican and Indian Bustard for Tourism & Wildlife Society of India and later received a citation from the Rajasthan Govt. Lakshmi has assisted many overseas research projects on Wetland Ecology and the Proctection of Birds and International Waterfowl Research. He has also spent 3 years in Ramthambore National Park as a naturalist.

Lakshmi, Brijendra or another resident naturalist will accompany you as you explore the park.